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TAKE NOTE - ALL SHEDS ARE NOT THE SAME! Compare what Anderson Sheds can offer you compared to other suppliers ANDERSON SHEDS OTHER SHED COMPANIES
Registered Builder Sheds over $20,000 in value require a Registered Builder for construction
Local, family owned business that has operated in Peel Region for over 10 years Large multi-nationals supply local market or internet based operating from interstate
Proven, long term, local sub- contractors that are overseen by Construction Manager. Anderson Shed guarantees the work of their sub-contractors. Some suppliers provide you with contact details and you “look after yourself”
Full insurances held – including Public liability & Workers Compensation Important to check – if an accident on your property you need to be covered
Dedicated Building Supervisor overseeing every job with Quality Assurance programs adhered to by all employees and contractors Not all shed suppliers offer this service
Quality steel structures using Australian Bluescope Steel Not all shed companies use high grade quality Australian Steel
Firm quotes of supply of materials, construction and concrete – full disclosure of what is included Some suppliers refer you to 3rd parties to source your own quote
All Shed kits are personally checked to ensure all components have been received at delivery. If anything missing this is followed up quickly and efficiently to ensure no holdups on site Not all shed companies have local staff to check deliveries & followup missing items
Undertake Planning & Building Application and Water Corporation approval on behalf of client Not all shed suppliers offer this service
Residential contracts with Anderson Sheds ensure clients are covered under the “Home Building Contract Act 1991”. Maximum allowable deposit on construction contract over $7,500 is 6.5% Some shed suppliers have been known to ask for large deposits
Final Payment for the Shed construction is not required until signed off by both our building supervisor and the client Some shed suppliers require full payment before delivery & construction
Site left clean – all rubbish removed Can be an issue
Accredited ShedSafe Check Check
Member of the Master Builders WA  
Anderson Sheds have in-house quality assurance programs  
Have secure storage options available if site security is an issue Not all shed suppliers have a local base to offer this service

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